Hastings’ Wildly Authentic Tourism Development Plan 2020-2022

Tourism is a vital contributor of our local economy. Hastings attracts 2.58 million visitors every year, with total annual tourist spending estimated at over $260 million. About $80 million of that is labour income, supporting 2,500 part-time, full-time and seasonal jobs. Over 340 businesses in Hastings County are directly involved in the tourism industry, and close to 100 businesses are indirectly impacted by tourism each year.  With tourism being a driving industry for economic growth, Hastings has prioritized investment in both developing the industry and marketing the region.

Tourism Development Plan 2020-2022

Goal #1: Position Hastings as a Wildly Authentic Outdoor Destination

Through tourism we can elevate the Hastings brand by positioning our region as an outdoor haven, ideal for low-impact activities, and embrace the rural, authenticity of its offerings (i.e. slower pace, small town charm, off-the-grid escapes).

Goal #2: Ignite and Support the Local Industry

By shifting the culture of tourism locally from traditional to visitor-centric we can ensure the industry has the ability to meet + exceed the expectations and needs of our target market, as well as raise the bar on experiences offered regionally.

Goal #3: Drive Strategic Investment Attraction and Industry Growth

By understanding the Hastings’ opportunities and gaps for tourism development, specific targeting for investment attraction can be implemented and growth in underperforming industry sectors can be supported.

Goal #4: Build Tourism-Ready Communities

Addressing the needs of the communities while providing the resources necessary for them to be visitor-ready with tourism-related services and infrastructure, ensuring an exceptional visitor experience and sustainable tourism offering regionally.

Learn more about tourism marketing initiatives in Hastings County through our Marketing Plan.

Growing Experiential Tourism in Hastings

Hastings is invested in supporting tourism businesses with developing experiences that enhance their visitor products and services. The goal is to assist them in delivering exceptional visitor-centric experiences that are truly unique to the business and the region.

Learn more about experiential tourism and the ways in which Hastings is supporting businesses with experiential development.

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