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The County of Hastings is committed to effective management that ensures fairness, transparency, and fiscal responsibility when conducting its procurement activities. We try to maximize the value of goods and services received for the money spent, while ensuring that scheduled deadlines are met. Financial and Procurement Services provides services for all Hastings County departments. 

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The County generally awards contracts to the lowest responsible bidder for quotations and tenders. The lowest responsible bidder is the one who: 

  • Meets specifications and

  • Meets terms and conditions of the bid, formal or informal, and

  • Provides the lowest price (subject to the availability of funds)

In the case of RFPs, the criteria for award are specified in each RFP document. 

The Hastings County Health and Wellness Committee is reaching out to local organizations and businesses to seek their participation in the Employee Discount Program. 

In an effort to promote healthier lifestyles and living well, we would very much like to explore forming a mutually beneficial partnership with you on this initiative to support our employees and their families. 

As we continuously invest in ways to facilitate work-life balance, we are committed to developing a program that inspires employees to take care of themselves and their loved ones and also supports our local economy and communities. Benefits of being a vendor in the employee discount program include: 


  • Sales growth
  • Local market exposure
  • Increased client base and access to new audiences
  • Opportunities for partnerships in supporting people and our communities

Sign up using the Employee Discount Program Vendor Agreement.


Hastings County intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by the following organizations: 


The County of Hastings uses the Bids & Tenders digital procurement portal for the administration of tenders and RFPs. The Bids & Tenders digital procurement portal allows Hastings County to fully automate and administer the competitive purchasing process online. We believe this change will result in a more efficient process resulting in benefits to both the County and vendor community. 

Vendors who do not already have a paid subscription are invited to purchase a subscription from the e-procurement platform Bids & Tenders or at hastingscounty.bidsandtenders.ca. Bid documents can be previewed entirely online before payment is required.  

When creating an account, bidders select commodity code(s) for goods, services, and construction, and the bidding system will notify the vendor by email of any bid opportunities matching their commodity code selection. The unlimited subscription will provide vendors with the following benefits and services: 


  • Unlimited access to register for all bid opportunities powered by Bids & Tenders across North America
  • Automatic notifications of new bid opportunities, addenda, site meeting reminders, and bid results
  • Unlimited use of online submissions, document downloads, and addenda notices
  • Unlimited category subscription for bid matching
  • Instant access to bid results
  • Customized vendor dashboard that allows quick access to active opportunities and bid history
  • Self-serve profile management
  • Ability to add up to 10 contacts to your account
  • Ability to register for the Emergency Contact Database

For step by step instructions on how to create an account, refer to the vendor guide.

The County of Hastings is introducing a Vendor Management Program, the intent of which is to formalize the procedures and processes for contractors, service providers, and County staff involved in the delivery of services for the County, in order to ensure a safe working environment whenever work is conducted on County property.

The program is an opportunity for contractors, service providers, and the County to partner together to provide for the safety of employees, workers, and the general public on County projects and job sites. 

As a part of this program, all contractors and service providers who are awarded work by the County will be required to complete our Vendor Management Program Checklist prior to starting any work. The purpose of the checklist is to provide a formal, documented process to ensure the safe and successful completion of all projects and services supplied to the County. The checklist as well as the County’s Health and Safety Orientation Package for Vendors is attached for your reference. 


Health and Safety Orientation Package for Vendors


Vendor Management Program Checklist


Post Contract Evaluation Performance Form

Hastings County

Financial Services

The Finance department reports to the Finance, Property and Personnel Committee and provides financial management for all the services and programs operated by the County of Hastings.

The Finance Department is responsible for the following services:

  • Budgets
  • Municipal performance measurement & financial statements
  • Insurance
  • Financing, debt negotiation & administration
  • Asset management
  • Financial management & reporting
  • Payroll
  • Financial policies & procedures
  • Investments
  • Energy management
  • Financial and Ministry Reports

Financial & Ministry




Key Contacts

Tony Bird Headshot

Tony Bird

Director of Finance & Treasurer

(613) 966-1311 ext. 3220
Matt Thain Headshot

Matt Thain

Purchasing Supervisor

613-966-1311 ext. 3227

Wendy Cone

Purchasing Clerk

613-966-1311 ext. 3221