Hastings County’s Wildly Authentic Brand

What does it mean to be “Wildly Authentic”? How did Hastings come up with this new Brand?

If you’re asking this question, you have come to the right place. First, “Wildly Authentic” is not just a fancy logo or tagline, it’s a brand. It’s the sum of ideas and impressions people have about a place, and in this case Hastings County.

Why placebrands matter

Every place has an image. When you think about Paris, France, you likely think of the Eiffel Tower, the wine, the french language and culture and their history. When you think of your own community what comes to mind? Every place has an image. What matters is how you actively shape it through experiences and stories.

Placebrand benefits

Placebrands help to:

  • Shift outdated perceptions:
  • Focus on unique strengths;
  • Highlight future goals and opportunities;
  • Align messaging and resources for maximum impact.

What it’s not?

  • A name:
  • A Slogan;
  • A logo;
  • A campaign.

A strong Hastings County Wildly Authentic Brand is intended to:

  1. Build and improve awareness, reputation and competitiveness;
  2. Nurture civic pride and engagement; turn passive stakeholders into active participants;
  3. Enhance the County’s ability to attract local, national and international audiences;
  4. Encourage innovative development and experiences;
  5. Support and complement efforts to recruit and attract “new economy” investment, businesses and talent; and,
  6. Position Hastings as a dynamic choice to live, learn, work and play.
Branding statements

It’s time to move the dial from how people find Hastings County, prior to the Brand launch, to now how we want them to experience it and find us:

Time to move the dial

Through workshops and consultation, we looked at what the “relevant” and “unique” attributes are of Hastings. For example, on the chart below, while community strength and a smart, sustainable lifestyle were relevant to key stakeholders, they weren’t considered differentiating. Other communities are found to possess those. However, it was found that Hastings has a “Wildly Diverse Playground” with “A Rural Creative Economy” and this is relevant to stakeholders and differentiating enough to make it unique.

Differentiating Chart

Who will choose Hastings County?

We determined it will be Wanderers, Explorers, Creative Trailblazers, and Originals of all kinds.

Every Hastings experience will be:

  • Authentic
  • Inspiring
  • Accessible
  • Connected

We deliver unique value

We are Ontario’s Wildly Authentic destination that delivers easy access to inspiring wilderness experiences, sustainable lifestyles, one-of-a-kind creative activities and the momentum of an opportunity-rich climate for growth.

Why choose Hastings?

Connect with our wildly original nature, authentic experiences and inspiring opportunities.

Hastings County is Wildly Authentic


Andrew Redden, Economic & Tourism Development Manager

Andrew Redden, Ec.D.(F), CEcD – for investment & business inquiries
Economic & Tourism Development Manager