Take a Day Trip to Egan Chutes for an Awe-Inspiring Hike

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There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon doing some trail walking and taking in the view of spectacular waterfalls. Nestled in L’amable, Bancroft, Egan Chutes is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit this fall.

My husband and I first discovered Egan Chutes about three years ago, and ever since that first trip we make sure to visit at least once a year.  The first time we went we almost couldn’t find it as it isn’t well-marked. Sometimes that can be a good thing because it means that it often isn’t overcrowded.  It’s one of those “hidden gems” that is a little quieter.

Egan Chutes is what is called a “non-operating provincial park.”  Basically what that means is that, while it is owned by Ontario Parks there are no facilities such as bathrooms, or visitor centers.  There are also no parking fees which makes for a very affordable excursion.

If you like waterfalls, trails, pine trees, and beautiful scenery, you’ll find all of that and more at Egan Chutes.

After we parked our vehicle we headed down the trail which is parallel (or as parallel as a winding trail can be) to the York river.  We couldn’t resist multiple stops along the way to take in the sight of the river flowing.

There are two main trails, one on each side of the river.  We chose to do the trail on the west side because it’s shorter and our youngest child is 8 so we can only make it so far with little legs.  If you are looking for more of a challenge take the trail on the east side which is about a 10 km hike.  The east trail will also take you to some other, lower falls called farm chutes.  You can’t see those ones from the trail on the west.  However, the west side trail gives you a gorgeous view of Egan Chutes that is up close and personal which you won’t really get on the east side.

The west trail is less than 2 kilometres long which means it didn’t take us too long before we were close enough to see the waterfalls. The trail itself is beautiful, with big pines, rocks, and tree roots sprinkled all the way down the trail. 

Once we got to the falls we were in awe at their breathtaking beauty.  Even though we’ve been there before it is still just as amazing as the first time we ever saw them. The power of the waterfalls is nothing short of magnificent. 

One of the most important things to note about Egan Chutes is that if you are bringing children there are steep areas that can be quite dangerous if you were to slip and fall.  So be sure you are holding the hands of young children and even watching those older ones.  You’ll want to take it slow and be careful.

When we first arrived we realized we had forgotten our bug spray but it turned out on this day it wasn’t needed.  However, that was total luck because we have been there before when the bugs were really thick.  Trust me when I say this, you’ll want to pack your bug spray.  There’s nothing that will ruin a beautiful hike faster than a swarm of mosquitoes circling your face.

Our family always enjoys a trip to Egan Chutes.  It has this amazing ability to calm the chaos in our hearts and allows us to reconnect to nature.  It’s definitely worth a trip to take in such a beautiful piece of land.



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