Hastings offers much more affordable real estate in a region that is authentically Canadian, both in terms of the outdoors, the scenery and the residents who will go out of their way to help you succeed and settle in.  If you’ve been itching to relocate and invest in a location with more space, a place surrounded by nature, or a calmer location to raise your family, Hastings provides everything you need to run your business from a location that inspires.

Real Estate

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) offers information about properties currently available in Hastings County.  You can search below by selecting one of our member municipalities.

Real Estate

The beauty of Hastings is not only its affordability, but in the authentically Canadian landscape.  Your home can be surrounded by vast forest, lakes, rivers and the Canadian Shield. Click this link to take you to an up-to-date database of residential properties available through Realtor.ca


Some of Hastings County’s member municipalities with urban / commercial areas offer financial incentives for businesses and building owners to help enhance their building’s presentation to the public. This includes improvements and enhancements to the facade, signage and other related work. To learn more, the following is a list of municipalities that currently have a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) in place to permit the offering of financial incentives:

Are You
a Newcomer?

Are you new to Canada?  We would love to have you make Hastings your new home.  While we realize that most new Canadians make a big city like Toronto their first choice, imagine what life would look like without the hustle and bustle of a big city.  Here in Hastings you can eliminate long daily commutes, city centre congestion, constant construction and noise at all hours. Instead of cars, equipment and people passing by, you could be surrounded by nature, bird calls and the peace of having some space from your neighbours.  


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