Our Brand

Place Branding: What’s In It For You?

What will a stronger Hastings  County brand mean to you,  professionally? Personally?

A place brand is the sum of ideas and impressions people have about a place. You’re VITAL to its success.

“The first people that have to be on board with a new brand are the people that live it.  They have to believe it and invest in it.”

– University of Waterloo

Why Place Brand Matter

Every place has an image. What matters is how you actively shape it through experiences & stories.

Placebrand benefitsWhat it’s not…
Shift outdated perceptions
Focus on unique strengths
Highlight future goals and  opportunities
Align messaging and resources for maximum impact
A name 
A slogan 
A logo
A campaign
These are only useful tools to bring  the brand story to life

A strong Hastings County brand will:

Build and improve awareness, reputation  and competitiveness

Nurture civic pride and engagement; turn passive stakeholders into active participants

Enhance the County’s ability to attract local,  national and international audiences.

Encourage innovative development and experiences

Support and complement efforts to recruit and attract “new economy”  investment, businesses and talent

Position Hastings as a dynamic choice  to live, learn, work, and play.

Hastings County is great because…

Time to move the dial image from the Branding Strategy document

Visual Identity – Tourism Logo

Economic Development Logo