Last Days of Summer Fun in Tweed

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As we head into these last few days and weeks of summer, you might find yourself wondering if you’ve done everything you’ve wanted to do with the kids before school starts. Did you explore all the parks in the area? Did you spend enough time at the beach or on the water? Did you eat enough ice cream? The answer to that last one of course is…never!

Hastings County is full of amazing little communities to explore. The possibilities for late summer day trips are endless! We love getting out as a family and exploring the towns in our area, and we recently did a little day trip to an adorable small town here in Hastings County that has plenty of things to keep the family happy, active, and well fed!

If you’ve ever driven through Tweed, you might think there isn’t much going on in such a small town. But trust me when I say…oh, there is! 

We kicked off our day of family fun at Stoco Lake Lodge, just outside of Tweed. This gorgeous lodge sits on beautiful Stoco Lake and during the summer months, you can rent seadoos, fishing boats, paddle boats and kayaks to go out on the lake and explore. We decided to rent a couple double kayaks for the morning. They have two double kayaks and two single kayaks that are available for half day rentals on a first come, first serve basis. Just stop in at the front desk and the awesome staff will get you all set up with your kayaks, paddles, and lifejackets. No need to bring anything…except yourselves!

The rear view of a boy wearing a life jacket and paddling a kayak on the lake.

As you can see, it was a beautiful morning to be out on the water. Our two boys had never been kayaking before, and they were excited to see what it was all about. The lake was pretty calm, and we decided it would be fun to kayak along the shoreline over to the Clare River. It’s a quiet little river tucked away just off Stoco Lake, and it’s lined with trees and cottages. It’s perfect for a relaxing paddle, and great for beginners!

A selfie of Lynsey wearing a life jacket, hat, and sunglasses while seated in the kayak on the river.

I think I could have stayed and paddled this river all day. It’s so peaceful. You know what’s not peaceful though? Tired, hungry boys in your kayak! So, we decided to head back and go grab something to eat. Our next stop was Tweedy’s Classic Scoops just past the Tim Horton’s in Tweed. We thought we were just going to grab some ice cream, but when we walked in, we changed our minds. It smelled AMAZING!

Lynsey's two sons posing in front of the Tweedy's Classic Scoops sign featuring a dancing ice cream cone.
The interior of Tweedy's Classic Scoops with bright, colourful walls, neon signs, and shelves full of candy.

We had never been here before, so we had no idea they offered full meals. We decided to have some lunch instead of just ice cream and once you scroll down and see a couple of our meals, you’ll quickly see why we don’t regret our decision. Not only were these meals absolutely delicious, but they were HUGE! None of us finished our meals and we ended up taking half of everything home and heating up the leftovers for dinner later that night. I mean, look at these…

A chili dog and french fries in a takeout container.
Cabbage rolls and a side caesar salad in a takeout container.

Clearly, we didn’t save room for ice cream, so we’ll definitely be heading back to Tweedy’s in the near future. Maybe on a Tuesday night when they host their vendor market and classic car show. Every Tuesday from 5 to 8pm, you can stop in and check out vendors, enjoy a meal and ice cream, and see all the classic cars on display. You can even bring your own classic car to show off!

After we left Tweedy’s, we passed a couple of other great local food options in Tweed including Gateway Family Restaurant and Duffer’s Chip Wagon. Both offer lots of delicious food for the whole family. Especially if you have a kid who orders a burger at every restaurant we ever go to. Yes, every single one. I swear he would live off burgers if we let him.

Tweed is also home to the Emily Trudeau Splash Pad. A huge hit for little ones on a hot day. Our guys loved it when they were smaller. Plus, North America’s Smallest Jailhouse is in Tweed! How cool is that?

North America's Smallest Jailhouse, a small stone building with a peaked roof.

Now, I have to share one of my favourite things about Tweed. I know it sounds silly, but when I was a kid, we used to go for family drives, and I always knew we were in Tweed when I saw the “fun fire hydrants”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, all the fire hydrants in Tweed are painted in different themes by a local artist. They are amazing! Check out the Municipality of Tweed Facebook page to see pictures of all the hydrants. Then, drive around and see if you can find them all! A great game the whole family will enjoy.

Tweed is just one of the many communities in Hastings County that is full of amazing local businesses and things to experience and explore! So, pack up the kids and plan a fun family day trip before these precious days of summer come to an end.

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