Indian Food Meets Hastings County and it’s ‘Truly’ Authentic

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An authentic Indian food restaurant recently opened its doors in the village of Tweed and the food is incredibly delicious! Given the timing, this new venture is an example of ‘smart risk-taking’ that not only benefits the community but adds to the cultural diversity of Hastings County.

Interior view of Tweed Desi Indian Restaurant

Tweed Desi is a welcome addition to Tweed and the fact that they have had a successful first few weeks speaks volumes.

Rudy, the restaurant manager, says, “Business has been very, very good! In fact, much busier than we expected. People love Indian food. And the people here are very welcoming – very supportive in terms of trying new food and finding new dishes.”

The restaurant’s name incorporates the idea of ‘local’ in two ways – Tweed is self-explanatory and “desi” is a Hindu word for “local”. The menu offers appetizers, curries and sides created by their chef, Ricky, who trained in India and focuses primarily on northern Indian cuisine. 

The Toronto based owners started a restaurant in Pembroke, Ontario, seven or eight months ago in the midst of the pandemic. It’s called @Zaffran and as they were driving from the GTA to Pembroke, “they saw this little town and thought that Tweed would be a good fit geographically to bring Indian food to the County of Hastings.” Hastings County is also a good fit for an Indian restaurant.

Ironically, the owners of Tweed Desi rented the property which is next door to the Tweedsmuir Hotel and began renovations just fifteen days before the iconic hotel was destroyed by fire. This prevents them from having a patio this summer, but you can currently order take-out by calling 613.743.7779, ordering through their web site or their facebook site –  Tweed Desi.        

Once COVID restrictions lift, they will have dine-in service; the space has a simple décor, a cute fireplace and seating for 10 to 15 people.


Dohi Poori Indian Street food delicacy
Dahi Poori – Indian street food delicacy

Medley of appetizers
Appetizer Medley

Indian food on a plate

Mango lassi drink sitting on top of a menu
Mango Lassi

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