Holistic Healing in Hastings County

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After a long journey of self-discovery, Mozhdeh Nikmanesh sought a new home in Bancroft, inspired by the natural surroundings and the supportive community. 

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a Registered Nurse and a Holistic Healer. I was born in Iran and immigrated to Canada 8 years ago. When I landed in Toronto in 2013, I decided to change my career from Business to Nursing, so I went back to school for Nursing. In the second year of my program, I lost my sister in law who was only two years older than me. I was overwhelmed by the fear of dying without fully living my life. I started to experience anxiety and panic attacks. I started seeing a counselor in my college and she introduced me to meditation. Shortly after, I decided to take a year off school and go on a self discovery journey to find my purpose in life.

I traveled to India and did my Yoga Teacher Training there, came back and studied Vibrational Art, Mindfulness and other modalities in healing. After a year, I went back to school with a new sense of purpose and compassion for myself and my patients at the hospital.

At that point I knew my purpose in life is to serve people to find peace and love within and it was just the matter of finding the right vessels to offer that. Today I provide this service through Light Unity Healing which is my private practice for nursing services and healing sessions.

What made you decide to move to Hastings County?

I love being in nature and felt ready to leave the city life and live more in harmony with nature and environment. On my search to rent a house in the forest I was gifted with the beautiful 5 acres land that I currently live in right beside the forest.

Tell us about the steps you had to take to start your life in Hastings County?

Finding a house to rent outside the city was very difficult. My fiance and I had to search online many times a day for over two months until we found our current house. After finding the house things flowed very easily. People in Bancroft are very friendly and we connected with some local residents through a Facebook page called Bancroft & Area Things To Do.

What is your favourite thing about Hastings County so far?

The people. It’s been a very pleasant experience to be welcomed by the community here. Everyone we met so far has been very friendly and helpful, giving us tips and information about local deals and resources.

Tell us about your business.

I was inspired to start my holistic healing offerings through Light Unity Healing sessions two years ago. I work with my clients to achieve their wellness goals from improving their physical health to connecting deeper to their emotions and managing their anxiety and stress levels. After graduating from my Nursing program, I added my Nursing services to the Light Unity Healing offering. Currently, I am offering Private Nursing services to adults and children with disabilities and providing support to elderly population with Dementia and end of life care.

How can clients connect with you?

You could find more information on my services at lightunityhealing.ca. The best way of contacting me is through email at Lightunityhealing2020@gmail.com or through my website. I am excited to connect with the community at Hastings County and serve the people here.

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