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As an online entrepreneur, you have systems and software in place to help keep everything organized and centralized, which is especially important as you continue to grow and scale. When you reach the point of your first hire, it raises a new set of challenges and questions. How can you onboard new team members effectively in an online space? And how can you maintain your coveted autonomy with a growing team of employees?

Grow Your Team Virtually Using a Distributed Office 

Distributed offices allow for team members to work wherever their little hearts desire, as long as they have a computer and access to the internet. Rather than having your team under one roof, you can have them all on one online platform.  

Software solutions are plentiful for project management, communication and sharing of documents. Companies like Asana, Trello and monday.com offer project management solutions for multiple team members to work together online with an easy-to-use interface. You can set up workflows, templates, and tasks for each of your projects and assign them to the appropriate team member without multiple emails or phone calls. In this way, you allow your team to decide how and when they want to work, giving them the same autonomy and flexibility that you value.  

You’ve likely already discovered the power of using Google Docs in a cloud drive, allowing you to save on physical storage. When you convert to a distributed workspace, these word processing and spreadsheet applications allow you to share your work with team mates, view edits in real time, and work collaboratively on the same document. 

You can use virtual meetings to meet new candidates and guide them through the onboarding process. There are numerous free options for video meetings, including Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. Video chat allows for you to have a more personal conversation with your employees, rather than relying solely on text. 

The Unexpected Benefits of Using a Distributed Office Model 

Access International Talent 

If your team operates online, you are now able to hire people all over the world. There’s no need for anyone to commute, move across the country, or work between 9 to 5. You can hire truly the best and brightest with access to the world’s workforce. You can also have 24-hour coverage of tasks or service, as well as improved turnarounds when some of your team is on the other side of the globe, increasing productivity. 

Say Goodbye to Real Estate Costs 

Distributed offices eliminate real estate costs. You won’t have to invest in a mortgage or budget for monthly rent when everyone on your team works from home, a beach, or their favourite café. You are letting your team choose where they best operate by empowering employees to design their lifestyle, as you lead by example. 

Entrepreneurial freedom is working when and where you choose. You can craft your business to support the life you want to lead. You can live somewhere beautiful AND affordable, with no need to be tethered to a city when you work in a distributed office. You can live in a place that sets your soul at ease, puts you close to nature, and allows you the work-life balance you deserve. 

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