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There is just something about Fall that I have always loved. I don’t know if it’s the weather, the smell, the changing leaves, or all of the above, but I am – and have always been – one of those lovers of everything Fall. The whole season just makes me feel happy and at ease. If you find yourself nodding along, you likely love the fact that you live in Hastings County during these Fall months. This area is full of parks, trails, and communities to explore. If you haven’t yet, consider enjoying a family fun day in the beautiful town of Bancroft.

We recently spent a day exploring everything Bancroft has to offer and ever since then, we’ve been talking about how much we loved it! Bancroft is a charming little town right in the middle of cottage country and there are plenty of places to check out. We started our day just east of Bancroft at Egan Chutes Provincial Park – and I’m oh so glad we did!

The tree-lined trail at Egan Chutes Provincial Park.

If you’ve never been to Egan Chutes, there’s a beautiful river that runs up the middle with walking trails on either side. We picked a trail and started our hike in search of the waterfalls. The beginning of the trail is pretty flat and easy to walk, but as you get closer to the falls there are some dips and rocks that might be a bit challenging for younger kids. Our boys are explorers though, so they were up ahead checking everything out for us.

Two boys hiking in the distance on the rocky trail at Egan Chutes Provincial Park.

Soon, we started hearing water and we knew we were getting close to Egan Falls. Our youngest got excited and started shouting that he could hear the falls. A little further up the trail, we found what we were searching for. When we saw the falls, we just stood there and stared at them for a few minutes. For me, the sound of water is just so calming and peaceful. I could have listened to it all day. Honestly, pictures don’t do the falls justice, but hey, I tried.  

The white water rushing over the rocks at Egan Chutes Provincial Park.

Our visit to Egan Chutes inspired us to check out more trails. We’ve made plans to go for a family hike every weekend this Fall at a different park or conservation area.  

After our hike, let’s just say our game plan didn’t exactly, well, go to plan. We wanted to check out Smokin’ Chip Wagon right on the main drag in Bancroft. When we got there, the line-up was quite long. With two hungry kids just finishing a hike, they understandably didn’t want to wait. However, that big line-up tells me just how awesome this place must be and why it was voted one of the best chip trucks in cottage country. We’ll definitely be back to check it out.

Then, our youngest suggested Eagle’s Nest Restaurant. We had been here before a few years ago while passing through and we LOVED it. However, it was also too busy. It seems everyone knows the good places to eat in Bancroft. We thought about heading to Maynooth for lunch at the Sun Run Café, which opened this year with new management, but since things weren’t exactly going our way, we thought we’d just head to Kawartha Dairy and grab some ice cream. When we pulled in, we noticed a cute little chip truck across the parking lot called Hillbilly Diner. So, we thought…let’s give it a whirl! 

Our oldest is a lover of poutine, so that was a natural choice for him. My husband went with one of their homemade burgers, which he enjoyed. It’s a great little place to grab a quick bite to eat if you’re passing through.

A boy holding a very large ice cream cone that obscures his face.

Kawartha Dairy is in the same parking lot, and our youngest son loves ice cream. Actually, that’s an understatement – he’s OBSESSED with ice cream! We suggested he just get a two-scoop cone, but he somehow talked us into a three-scoop cone, and it was as big as his head! Kawartha Dairy definitely gives generous scoops. Just something to keep in mind for your future visits. I mean, check this out!

Bancroft is also home to some other great places to visit while you’re in town including Lakeside Gems just up the road from Kawartha Dairy. You can book a Geologist-led mineral collecting field trip for individuals, clubs, organizations, or school groups. It looks pretty cool!

We also wanted to stop by McG’s Cakes on Main. I checked them out on Facebook, and everything looked AMAZING! They have a lot of gluten free goodies available too. Seriously, go to their Facebook page and you’ll see why I wanted to check this place out. Sadly though, they happened to be closed that day so we couldn’t try any of the goodies. But that’s okay! Another reason to head back to Bancroft! Trust me, I WILL be visiting this bakery!

A smiling family of four posing for a selfie with a river in the background.

Fall is an awesome time of year to plan some family day trips in Hastings County and just enjoy the weather, the colours, and simply spending time together as a family being active, exploring, and of course…eating delicious food. We had a blast! Our smiles say it all!

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