Hastings is invested in growing Experiential Tourism

“Experiential travels engages visitors in a series of authentic, memorable travel activities, revealed over time, that engage the senses, are inherently personal and make connections on a physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual or social level.” – Nancy Arsenault, Tourism Cafe

When it comes to tourism, Hastings prides in delivering exceptional experiences that travellers seek out to enjoy. We’re about offering authentic opportunities for visitors to learn about and enjoy the rural nature of our communities, have one-on-one interactions with our operators and experience our outdoors the same way us locals do every day. 

Traditionally when it came to travel, people were interested in booking places to stay, restaurants to eat at and for activities to enjoy, like golfing, shopping, amusement parks, etc. In recent years and as the demographics of new travelers change, people are now more interested in the overall experience of their trip and having a connected time with the local community.  

This “experience economy” moves the tourism industry from competing in a commodity or goods/services to delivering other values like engagement, personalization, connection and authenticity (see Figure 3). The financial impact of this trend continues to grow, where global spending on the experience economy (primarily driven by millennial consumers) is expected to reach $8.2 trillion by 2028. 

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Kasey Rogerson, Tourism Development Coordinator

Kasey Rogerson, Tourism Development Coordinator

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