Digital Marketing 101 Webinar

In this ongoing time of social distancing and uncertainty, every business is learning how to adapt and pivot how they operate.

Critical to the success of any business right now is the ability to integrate digital marketing to their overall strategy.  As customers are not able to come into your bricks and mortar location – you need to bring your business to them and allow them to still access your products or services in a new way.

Every business is unique in which strategies make sense for you and your customer.  In this webinar we will highlight some basic best practices, give you some tips to think about and walk through some tools and resources available to you.

We will cover:

  • Why now is a good time to start or grow your digital footprint
  • How you can make yourself accessible to your customers
  • Contactless payment solutions to consider
  • Ways to promote your business online
  • Share some content ideas and strategies to consider
  • Tools and resources to make it all easier

This will be an interactive session, we will be having multiple opportunities to engage and ask questions along the way.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Woman and man standing together; Katrina and Andrew MacDonald

Andrew & Katrina MacDonald
Founders of Kasama Marketing

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