Brighten Up The Darkest Month Of The Year With These 7 Christmas Activities

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The Christmas season is upon us and the excitement is growing.  Along with that excitement though, can be a heaviness that December can sometimes bring.  The days are shorter which means we spend more time in darkness, and the holidays itself can bring stress and chaos.

But what if this Christmas was different?  What if you were able to create lasting memories with family that would boost your spirit and keep you in the festive mood all season long? 

Why not leave the stress and chaos behind, and instead embrace all that the season has to offer with some family activities that are sure to brighten up your holidays and warm your heart all month.


Take a drive to look at Christmas lights

Driving around while gazing at houses decked with gorgeous lights and decorations is the perfect way to spend time with your family at Christmas.  Kids love it and adults never seem to tire of it either.  Twinkling lights can brighten up the darkest of nights and put a smile on your face.

Go ice skating

Many communities offer free or affordable public skating at their rinks during the Christmas season.  Lace up your skates and get out on the ice for some good quality family fun.  Don’t forget to bring a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy after you do all that skating.

Ice Skating
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Have a movie night watching Christmas classics

Every family has their favourites, whether it be Christmas movies or Christmas shows that get them into the holiday spirit.  Make some popcorn and hot chocolate put on your cozy Christmas jammies, and spend an evening watching hours of Christmas classics.

Take a snowy trail walk

There is nothing that takes my breath away more than walking through the woods during or right after a fresh snowfall.  The pine branches bending under the weight of the snow, the untouched blanket of white, and the gently falling flakes that land on your eyelashes can make for an absolutely perfect winter wonderland.

Young woman on a snow trail

Build and decorate a gingerbread house

This is a Christmas activity that never gets old and for many, it’s a yearly tradition.  You can buy a gingerbread house kit with everything already made for you and all you have to do is build it, or you can take it one step further and bake and design your own gingerbread house completely from scratch.  For an extra layer of fun make it a friendly family competition to see who builds the best or most unique gingerbread house. 

Visit a local Christmas tree farm

Walking among the evergreen trees on a Christmas tree farm is a sure way to keep your holiday spirit high.  Take the family out to pick the perfect tree to cut down and bring home and decorate.  Many Christmas tree farms offer wagon rides and hot chocolate as well.  Visit a local Christmas tree farm that will give you a memorable afternoon of family fun!

Make homemade Christmas ornaments

An afternoon of crafting is a great way to spend some quality time with your family.  Homemade ornaments are rustic and beautiful, but they are also simple to make.  Make some gingerbread men or dried oranges to hang on the tree for a truly, old-fashioned and gorgeous Christmas tree.

homemade ornaments

Make This Christmas The Best One Yet

This Christmas, embrace old traditions and make new ones with fun activities the whole family will love.  No matter how dark it is outside, our hearts can be bright with Christmas joy as we take part in making memories with the ones we love.



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