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B&B Autumn Staycations

Autumn may just be the best season for a bed and breakfast staycation, especially here in Hastings County. From Maynooth to Deseronto, you’ll find cozy abodes perched on rural hillsides, hidden in forested valleys and tucked off side streets in sleepy towns. All of them come with views of vibrant fall colours right outside your window and smells of hot coffee and a warm breakfast just outside your door. Here are seven bed-and-breakfast options to get your autumn on across Hastings County. 

Countdown to Thanksgiving: A Guide to Planning the Meal and Keeping it Local

It’s hard to believe that fall is here, and that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. In Hastings County, there’s a lot to be thankful for and this year you can support local farmers, businesses, and artisans with a bit of pre-planning. As always, locally sourced items are abundant in the area. What better time than Thanksgiving to ty locally grown meats, veggies, desserts, beverages, and artisanal décor?  

Exteirio view of Tweed Desi Indian Cuisine Restaurant

Indian Food Meets Hastings County and it’s ‘Truly’ Authentic

An authentic Indian food restaurant recently opened its doors in the village of Tweed and the food is incredibly delicious! Given the timing, this new venture is an example of ‘smart risk-taking’ that not only benefits the community but adds to the cultural diversity of Hastings County. Tweed Desi is a welcome addition to Tweed …

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Woman and child stand apart facing each other; child is reaching with their arms for the woman

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Love in the time of a pandemic has to keep its distance, but there are still lots of ways to show your mom how much she means to you this Mother’s Day. While it’s not business as usual for retailers throughout Hastings County, many have shifted to online models that allow you to get a special something for mom and have it delivered. From afternoon tea and flowers to yoga and home decor, here are local options to find the perfect gift.

Hand recovering geocache on a tree

Geocaching: An Outdoor Treasure Hunt that Anyone can Play

Geocaching is a great outdoor activity that can be done absolutely anywhere, and is free to do aside from a GPS device (which most of us can use our cellphones for).  If you haven’t heard of geocaching, it’s basically a worldwide treasure hunt.  That’s right,  geocaching is happening all around the world.  How cool is …

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Noteworthy Waterways at their Peak in Spring

We all know the saying, ‘April showers bring May flowers’, but with this week’s forecast in mind, all this April rain will bring forth another fascinating natural event; high water levels.

When coupled with the Spring run-off, April hosts some of the season’s best views of our beloved waterways. While our true to the word ‘waterfalls’ are limited, many of our favourite scenes take on new life in the Spring. What was once a non-descript trickling creek, is now a fast-flowing spectacle.

Spring Trail Riding

If the back roads are one of Hastings County’s best-kept secrets, its network of off-road trails are the reason why. Over the years, the county has made a name for itself as a go-to destination for ATV and snowmobile travel in Ontario. These days though, two-wheelers are on the rise in the woods, and springtime (before the bugs are out in full force) is the perfect time to experience Hastings County by bike.

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Adventures in April

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into our plans for over a year now, and March Break 2021 is no exception… or should I say April Break! Have you seen every piece of every puzzle in your home more times in the last year than you can count? Have you played every board game you own and feel like you have seen everything on Netflix?

It’s time to shake it up! Leave the living room behind and adventure into the outdoors! Here in Hastings County, we are so lucky to be surrounded by nature and unique local businesses. While we are currently under restrictions, that doesn’t mean we can’t have an exciting April Break!

If you’re stuck on what to do, check out some ideas shared in this post…

a bowl full of produce

How to Start a Garden from Seeds

If you’ve never gardened before, growing your own vegetables can feel overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. However, with a bit of guidance, you can easily grow your own food. Three years ago, when I started my first garden, I started small. I picked four things to grow that year – tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, and lettuce. The following year I added a few more vegetables, and the third year I had a full-fledged garden happening!

3 chocolate Cupcakes on a dish

5 Local Bakeries You’ve Got to Try

There are few things I love more than fresh baked goods. The smell of sweetness in the air from a bakery is enough to drive you crazy, but in a good way. I am always on the lookout for new pastries to try and the local bakeries in Hastings do not disappoint. For full disclosure, I jumped at the chance at writing this article because it gave me and my family a perfect excuse to sample some of the area’s best bakery treats.

two boys and girl play musical instruments

Fun Activities To Do On Family Day 2021

Family Day is fast approaching (on February 15th) and I think we can all agree that this Family Day is going to look like no other Family Day that we’ve celebrated in the past. Despite whatever current restrictions will be in place on that day, you can still enjoy it by spending quality time with your family. There are plenty of things you can do that are fun for everyone while socially distancing and staying close to home.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s never easy finding just the right Valentine’s Day gift for the ones you love. Do you go with the standard flowers and chocolate? Or something a little more unique, like a painting or a gift pack from a local brewery? To help narrow your search, here are 18 gift ideas you can find right here in Hastings County. All of them are available via delivery or curbside pickup.

Dad with 2 childen ice fishing

Outdoor Winter Family Fun – Covid Edition

Effective Thursday, January 14, 2021at 12:01 a.m., the government issued a stay-at-home order requiring everyone to remain at home with exceptions for permitted  purposes or activities, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, accessing health care services, for exercise or for work where the work cannot be done remotely. This order and other …

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paint and brush in a bowl

The Hastings County Virtual Art Gallery Tour

There’s a Plethora of Painters & Potters in Hastings County Hastings County is a mecca for painters and potters, especially in the north. Why is this? And, a better question, why is this not well-known? Henri Mattisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” If that’s the case, Hastings County is brimming with courage. When I started researching …

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Seasonal Sips: A guided tour of Hastings County’s cafés and coffee shops

Across Hastings County, there is a myriad of lovely quaint cafés where you can pop-in and order yourself a warm coffee, tea, specialty latte or hot cider to get you through your Christmas shopping excursion, or to keep you toasty as you commute to work. There are also spots where you can buy your favourite holiday beverages and make them in the comfort of your own home. Let’s explore some of Hastings County’s best spots to relax and enjoy a treat to warm the soul.

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A Country Christmas Gathering

The “Country Christmas Gathering Tour” takes place over two weekends in early November, and it’s the perfect opportunity to beat the weather, support local businesses and artisans, and find original, locally made gifts that will bring joy to those you love.

Local businesses have been SO busy preparing for the tour and their stores are filled with gifts that are more than impressive. So, plan your route by checking out the sites below, or just make it an impromptu adventure.

o hara mill covered bridge

The Haunting of Perish Hall

Hear first hand the story of the supernatural phenomenon at the St. Edmund’s Parish Hall in Tweed, ON with Tricia Black, Tweed & Company Theatre’s Creative Director.
“This event has haunted me (pun intended) since it occurred, and I really just wasn’t ever able to shake the feeling it gave me,” says Trish. “I knew I had to explore it further. I knew I had to return to Tweed…”

A man is reading on his iPad, while a woman lays with her head on his knees while reading a book, at a cottage in Hastings County, Ontario

5 Bed and Breakfast Staycations in Hastings County

Looking to go away for the weekend — or longer — but just don’t want the expense of a full cottage or the hassle of camping? A bed and breakfast may be just the ticket. And you’re in luck in Hastings County, as there are a wide range of options to choose from. Some are in bustling towns and villages with restaurants and shops next door; others are out in the country with sweeping views of rolling hills and hiking trails nearby. Hastings County is home to many Bed and Breakfasts offering exceptional small-town hospitality.