Month: October 2020

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A Country Christmas Gathering

The “Country Christmas Gathering Tour” takes place over two weekends in early November, and it’s the perfect opportunity to beat the weather, support local businesses and artisans, and find original, locally made gifts that will bring joy to those you love.

Local businesses have been SO busy preparing for the tour and their stores are filled with gifts that are more than impressive. So, plan your route by checking out the sites below, or just make it an impromptu adventure.

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The Haunting of Perish Hall

Hear first hand the story of the supernatural phenomenon at the St. Edmund’s Parish Hall in Tweed, ON with Tricia Black, Tweed & Company Theatre’s Creative Director.
“This event has haunted me (pun intended) since it occurred, and I really just wasn’t ever able to shake the feeling it gave me,” says Trish. “I knew I had to explore it further. I knew I had to return to Tweed…”

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Be Remarkable

Print, Radio and TV were once the only options for advertisers. Each required a significant upfront budget that was out of reach for many small businesses. With the dawn of digital marketing – a whole new world of affordable possibilities has since opened up to small businesses to reach potential customers. But just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should…

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On-Demand Webinar: Digital Marketing Basics for Small Business

Since the start of this pandemic, it has become clear how important having a digital presence is for small businesses. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive or complicated. Join Andrew & Katrina of Kasama Marketing in this FREE interactive webinar as they simply and clearly walk through some digital marketing tools and strategies that you can immediately apply to your business.

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5 Bed and Breakfast Staycations in Hastings County

Looking to go away for the weekend — or longer — but just don’t want the expense of a full cottage or the hassle of camping? A bed and breakfast may be just the ticket. And you’re in luck in Hastings County, as there are a wide range of options to choose from. Some are in bustling towns and villages with restaurants and shops next door; others are out in the country with sweeping views of rolling hills and hiking trails nearby. Hastings County is home to many Bed and Breakfasts offering exceptional small-town hospitality.

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Fall Bass Fishing on Limerick Lake

Three years ago my partner, Eric, and I visited Limerick Lake for the first time. We had a memorable experience and had been talking about planning another trip there ever since. Our time finally came to head back to Limerick Lake last weekend.

Not only did we experience some great fishing on this trip but the timing was perfect to witness the incredibly vibrant autumn colours as well!

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5 Ways to Extend Your Season

2020 has certainly been a year of unprecedented times, especially if you’re in the business of tourism. Having lost the first few months of the season, many tourism businesses are faced with the decision of if and how they should extend their business season into the fall and winter months.
Here are five ways to build and market into the fall and winter seasons that can help to extend your business season.

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The 24 Hour Foodie Road Trip in North Hastings

The northern reaches of Hastings County are a rugged, forested highlands dotted with over 250 lakes and rivers. But while all that wild consistently draws outdoor adventure-seekers, a growing number of chefs, farmers, and artists are waking visitors up to the fresh flavours and rich culture that have always been here. Follow this eight-stop weekend trip for a taste of what North Hastings has on offer right now.