Month: December 2019

Meet Jessica & Nathan Rogers, Building a Balanced Flow as Owners of Creekside Yoga

Jess and Nate Rogers are yoga studio owners who left the city and created a more balanced life here in Hastings County. Here’s their story … Tell us a little about yourselves – where are you from originally and what do you do? Jess – I was born in Scarborough but spent most of my childhood in …

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Southern Ontario Ice Festival – Icy Cliffs

It takes a special kind of person to strap knives to their feet, tie themselves onto a thin rope, grab two terrifying, pointy axes and decide to ascend an ice-laden cliff. Not to mention that this is all done during the depths of our frigid winter months. This is, in a nutshell, the basics of ice climbing in Hastings County. Every February the Southern Ontario Ice Festival takes over the small community of Maynooth for a weekend of ice climbing festivities.

The Ontario Cottage: A Perfect Place to Be

It’s a cool summer morning and a light breeze through an open window leaves you with the impression that you need to plaster on a sweater before you get out of bed. Obviously, this is only temporary as the sun will continue to climb and quickly heat up eastern Ontario to a roasting 30 degrees. For now though, you enjoy the brisk daybreak and look out at a perfectly calm lake. Like a mirror for the sun to put on her morning makeup, the lake sits perfectly still, similar to your early morning demeanour.

For the Love of Maple

If there was only one word to describe Spring in Hastings County, and it would be…MAPLE! In late Winter and early Spring, there are maple-fests, pancake breakfasts, and sugar bush events happening in the area almost every weekend! It’s a great opportunity to get out there and have some family fun while enjoying some delicious pancakes covered in sweet, local maple syrup. If you’re a maple syrup lover, (and come on, who isn’t?!) it’s likely one of your favourite times of the year!

A Reconnecting Ride Through Vanderwater

There’s something about hopping on a bike and ripping through a forest, bumping over roots and rocks.  Even riding down your local street and going incredibly fast on some fresh, smooth pavement.  A bike can be a conduit to new and exciting places, or it can be the fun and excitement of itself.

It’s a trait that separates the sport and the object from so many other activities and vehicles. For me, mountain biking is my absolute favourite or more appropriately trail riding as mountains are few and far between in this corner of Ontario. To be honest, a mountain really isn’t necessary as all you need are some significant up and downhill sections to make the experience fun and challenging.